University of California, Irvine


Global Medical Training is an international humanitarian organization that helps provide free medical services for impoverished communities, primarily in Central America. Our mission is two-fold: to offer healthcare to those that live in severe poverty while also giving students and health professionals a truly eye-opening experience that will expand their understanding of both medicine and life outside of the United States.

The organization was founded by North American Physician, Dr. Wil Johnson, M.D., a lifelong humanitarian who has, and continues to implement his medical gifts for the benefit of those that cannot afford them. Global Medical Training reflects his philosophy, created with the intent to improve the condition and well-being of a global humanity. It is grounded upon the acknowledgement that undeserved suffering and unjust misery still runs rampant throughout the world. With this in mind, GMT provides students a unique opportunity to covert this knowledge into action, along with a life-changing educational experience that will undoubtedly stay with them for the rest of their lives. And through fundraisers, donations, and even money out of our own pockets, our international endeavors to provide free health care beyond the borders of the United States–to people deprived of not only adequate health care, but of even the basic necessities of life–have certainly yielded amazing results.