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If you would like to donate to GMT UCI through PayPal, please click on the button above.
All proceeds go directly toward aiding our international humanitarian efforts.
No fine print. No loopholes. No tricks.

Global Medical Training at UCI would like to thank the following people (and anonymous donors) for their most generous donations to our cause. 

John and Judi Hoefs $100
Claudia Conan $100
Carol Burke $50
Phyllis Gilmore $50
Bonnie Shea $50
Melissa Lodoen $50
Joe Dimento $25
K. Morgan $25
Bernard Choi $25
Bill Schmitendorf $20
Genet Gomez $20
K. K. Lewaii $20
Gary Lynch $20
Martin Smith $20
Juan Hong $20
James Newman $20
Eugenia Shkel $20
Sun Borlina $10
Deb Schell $10
Dickens $10
Natalia Guidotti $9
Yukari Fowler $5
Ethan Saltzman $5
Emmett Burke $3
Charles Wright $2

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